Saturday Jun 10, 2023

Our Story

What do you get when you put a behavior-minded vet tech, a creative computer chick, and a crazy Boston terrier together?

Though it sounds like the start of a very odd joke, that’s actually how we started. Amanda (veterinary technician, CEO, and Trainer) has always been interested in animal behavior. She wanted to incorporate fear free techniques into her daily life at the clinic. She took classes with the Karen Pryor Academy and Victoria Stilwell Academy. My Boston terrier, Zelda, was her “class project”. Everything she learned, she taught Zelda. I started off taking photo and video for her class assignments, which led me to realize my own passion for photography.

As Amanda began to learn all the benefits of fear free techniques (happier animals, smoother veterinary appointments, happier people), she realized she wanted to reach a larger audience. She thought of all the animals she could help in our community by teaching their humans better techniques for communication.

The Photo That Launched a Business

The photo on the right was taken during a particularly intense session with Amanda and Zelda. As you can see, Zelda’s full attention is on Amanda, who is holding goodies behind her back, waiting for the correct behavior.

While Amanda had mentioned off and on during her courses that she wanted to eventually start a training business, this photo made the idea seem real. She started researching different training styles and programs and saw that there was a need in Western New York for her services.

My background in IT led me to make suggestions about different technology she could use to enhance her business and reach her audience. We soon realized that we would make a great team – with her training, my computer expertise, and Zelda along for the ride!

In the Summer of 2021, we officially became an LLC through LegalZoom.

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