Saturday Jun 10, 2023


Client Testimonials

Compassionate Companions is the perfect name for this organization! The owner Amanda is not only compassionate, kind and patient with the animals she works with but also with the human clientele. As a first time dog person, There were a few times when I was unsure and Amanda was reassuring and patient. Our dog Finnley just adores Amanda and was eager and open to each training session due to her warm demeanor with him. We learned many great techniques from her that have made huge improvements in our home life with Finnley!! We feel we understand him more and he appreciates that! We continue to use what we’ve learned from Amanda and actually may have her return for some further training to give Finnley more mental engagement. He enjoys learning and especially enjoys it with Amanda. I very much recommend Compassionate Companions!
-Christina Guercio
Amherst, NY


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