Core Values & Guiding Principles

Compassionate Companion Training, LLC was founded because we are driven by our passion to help animals and their people. We understand that over time every business will grow beyond its origins, and we wanted to make sure that no matter what changes came, we stayed true to our vision.


  • We believe in the human-animal bond.
  • All pets are family members. Our connection to them, and love for them, forms the basis of our bond. We believe that bond grows stronger with mutual trust and positive interaction.
  • We believe “right” and “wrong” are human concepts that pets don’t understand.
  • There are reasons for everything your animal does. Our goal is to help you understand those reasons and use them to better communicate with your pet.


  • Animal behavioral studies continue to advance – and so should our methods.
  • Every year there are important scientific breakthroughs that help us better understand the domestic and wild animals that share our world. Staying current allows us to give you and your pets the best training and advice possible.
  • Positive reinforcement is key.
  • When your pet does something that pleases you, reward them with something they value. They will be eager to discover what behavior(s) keep the rewards coming.
  • Fear and pain are not humane training methods.
  • There is no acceptable occasion to use force with your pet. Using punishment and force won’t just damage your bond with your pet, but could cause lasting physical and psychological damage.


  • Every human and animal is capable of learning.
  • There is no such thing as too old or stubborn to learn. With enough patience, attention, and positive rewards, anything is possible!
  • There are no mistakes, just missed takes.
  • Training is a journey – and like most journeys it’s not always a straight line. From time to time you’ll fumble a treat. Your pet will miss a cue. That’s ok! Smile, laugh it off, and be positive.