Meet the Team!

Amanda R. Collins, LVT, CPDT-KA, VSA-CDT-Online, FFCP

Founder & Trainer

I had created this business so that I can follow my dreams of building a mutual connection with veterinary medicine and the dog training world. It is my long belief that behavior is the foundation of health and wellness. I have been a Licensed Vet Tech for almost 12 years and interested in behavior just as long. Staring with finding Sophia Yin and Learn to Earn and getting certificates in Better Veterinary Visits and The Puppy Start Right Programs through Karen Pryor Academy. I am a fear Free Level 3 Veterinary Technician. Certified in Dog Training & Behavior through the Victoria Stilwell Academy. I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and supporting member of the IAABC. Animal Welfare is at the top of my list and the mental and emotional wellbeing are taken into consideration. I am always striving to further my skills and knowledge through attending conferences and continued education in the latest in science backed research based methods.

Clover Collins


Clover is always so full of joy and goofyness! She loves splashing through creeks and carrying the biggest stick she can find. She is not afraid to voice her opinions. Her favorite skills are a Chin Rest and Find It. She really enjoys helping me further my skills in teaching veterinary consent training so that I may better guide others help their animals feel safe and confident at the vet. Our current activities are learning to run together in a sport called Canicross.

Cagney Collins

Feline Ambassador

Cagney is the newest member to our home. He was found abandoned outside a pet store with his sister when they were tiny babies. Much like any cat he is very curious and adventurous. He is currently learning how to be calm and to come when called. Much like his older sister Clover he will also learn veterinary and home care skills. Cagney’s favorite activities are Climbing all the vertical surfaces and hanging with him mom and sister. Oh and eating. He loves eating.