Every class is taught with a two-part approach, because it takes both the pet parent and the pet to be successful. Pet parents learn the skills they need to provide the best learning experience for their pets, while pets learn how to navigate the human world.

Pets are encouraged to learn using positive reinforcement – they get something they love like food, petting or play as a reward for the great things they do. We follow the Certification Council for Professional Dog TrainersLIMA behavior policy. LIMA stands for Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive. This means that your pets will be taught using humane methods using the most current research and evidance based practices. We do not believe in or encourage punishment or force when training and interacting with your pet. We all know that we learn better when we feel good doing it! For more information on LIMA, please visit CCPDT here.

If you have questions regarding our services, please email our Trainer Amanda ([email protected]). If you are experiencing an emergency, please seek a veterinary emergency clinic in your area.

Prior to setting up consultations regarding problematic behaviors, it is recommended to have a thorough examination by your veterinarian.


We offer in-home consultations so that you can meet our trainer, Amanda, and she can assess your pet’s behavior. At the end of the Consultation, you’ll get valuable information on which services suit you best, and a plan for how to help your pet.

Private Lessons

You can choose from a block of 6 lessons or purchase single lessons, depending on your needs. These lessons are tailored to meet the needs of both you and your pet.

Puppy Foundations Class

This 6-week course is offered through Ken-Ton Animal Clinic and is appropriate for puppies aged 8 – 13 weeks old. Skills and concepts covered:

  • Understanding puppy behavior and body language
  • Socializing your puppy
  • How to bond with your puppy through training and activities

Class is taught on site at Ken-Ton Animal Clinic, on the Small Animal side. To sign up, call 716-834-1636.

Mindfull Mutts: An Adolescent Survival class!!

This 6 week class will help provide the tools you need to get started on helping you and your pup survive the throws of the teenage puppy crazies.

  • Understand what your puppies are going through
  • Build more mindful moments
  • Solutions for the crazy behaviors that make you lose your zen.

Fill out Client form to inquire for details and sign up.

Classes help in a local veterinary clinic lobby.

Classes structures for age appropriate groupings.

Positive Association to Care

This is a program that is crucial to every dog and cat to have lifelong success with Veterinary, home care and grooming experiences.

It is crucial to start as soon as you bring home your pet. They do not understand what it is that we are doing for them. Fear and anxiety at the vet can interfere with quality care and diagnostics.

Training for veterinary and grooming can lead to short appointments, better quality care and less anxiety for Guardians, pets and the professionals working with them.

Prevention is key. However it is absolutley crucial for the safety of your animals and the people working with them that they learn to understand and build confidence around these behaviors.

This program can be done in group preventativly with young dogs or in private lesson in home to help those who are already fearful.

Time and patience are crucial in working with animals already having fearful experiences.