News and Announcements

Group Classes Coming up!

Group classes are coming back to CCT!! Starting in April Saturday group classes will be available. Fundamental foundations for building on calm confidence. This class will be good for smoothing out the rough edges if you have some skills under your belt. Classes will be hosted in the Ken-Ton Animal Clinic Small Animal Lobby. Fill out form in ‘Need Training’ page and inquire about details.

This is not a Ken-Ton Class. Do not call the Clinic.

Group Class Level 2 Starts May 2nd 6:00PM. To sign up fill out the form in the training tab. Inquire for details. Limited to 4 dogs.

Mini Courses in the Works!!

My supervisory team and I are in the process of creating mini courses that will be available for purchase. ETA will be by this summer. Open for requests! These courses will be designed to help get started on simple fun skills to get you started. For more complicated or difficult unwanted behaviors it’s important to reach out and set up a consultation and we work together to find proper protocols for your concerns.